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Active - advocating in Parliament.

Why are you campaigning?

I am concerned concerned about the use of Portrush Road and Glen Osmond Road being used as a freight route - both busy roads lined with schools, shops and pedestrians which should not be mixing with B-Doubles.

Our local roads are simply not appropriate freight routes.

What do you propose as an alternative?

Many of the B-Double trucks that thunder down our local roads are not even destined for Adelaide. They are en route from Melbourne to Perth, and the easiest route is to cut through Adelaide via Portrush Road.

The Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass is an alternative route that would see trucks coming down the South Eastern Freeway diverted at Murray Bridge up to Sturt Highway. This way, trucks would never have to come down the Freeway, avoiding another accident at the toll gate intersection or causing any danger for the local community. This alternative is a safer and easier option for truckies as well, as they can continue at 100km/h without getting caught in traffic or wearing their breaks down the hills.

Residents have shared concern about the cost of building a whole new bypass. However, the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass already exists - many trucks currently use it. To become the standard route, truckies have asked the current road receive an upgrade to widen lanes and make it more viable for use.

Officials from the Department for Infrastructure and Transport last year said the Bypass is a good idea, saying it was "economically positive". They said there is a demand in industry to use that road and it would be a benefit to their businesses, being the truck drivers.

The Bypass would be beneficial for the local community, industry, and the state more generally. Despite this, the project is not currently funded by Labor and there has been little action to make it happen.

What should I do to help?

You can sign my petition. Parliament will only accept hard copy original petitions. Please print and sign the attached petition and return it to my office. Feel free to circulate among your friends and family. Alternatively, I have one available to sign in my office. I will table the petition in Parliament.

You can also complete my survey below.

How do I join the campaign?

Sign up at the bottom of this page and ask your neighbours to do the same. This will allow me to provide you with updates and future opportunities to promote alternative solutions.

What am I currently doing?

1. Gaining public support. Many in our community are not aware of the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass as an alternative freight route, so I have been letterboxing and door knocking to raise awareness to the issue. I have also begun a petition which I aim to table in Parliament.

2. Making our views clear to the Minister. Since being elected, I have written to the Minister multiple times about our concerns.

3. Making our views clear to the Parliament. I addressed the Parliament multiple times on this issue, both to address the safety of the toll gate intersection and to raise the idea of a Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass.

4. Making our views clear through the media.

What have you done so far?

I have been actively campaigning on this issue since being elected in July 2022. Please see below the campaign timeline.

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