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Advocating for school road safety upgrades

Published March 2024

Improving school pedestrian crossings remains an important priority for me and I have recently called for further action for our local community.

Last year, the importance of this issue was highlighted by the shocking accident at Marryatville High School. Following that accident, I advocated for several improvements at that pedestrian crossing including the installation of a red-light camera. I am very pleased that this work has now been undertaken.

But there is more work to be done. Just last week we unfortunately saw to more accidents in our local community – at Rose Park Primary School and again at Marryatville High School.

I have written to the Minster for Road Safety with a number of suggestions for improvements at these schools as well as Linden Park Primary, Burnside Primary, Glenunga International High, Seymour College, Loreto College, St Peters Girls’ School and Pembroke School.

I also called for wider reform in Parliament including the need to consider 40km school zones (including on main roads) similar to the eastern states. You can read my speech here.

Please let me know your thoughts on my suggestion for 40km school zones and what more can be done to improve road safety at our local schools by completing my form below.

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