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Something to Bragg About - January

Published January 2024

Every month I like to highlight the achievements of a member of our local community who is doing great things – someone we can “Bragg” about! This edition, we are celebrating the “Koala Lady of Burnside”, Joylene Fraser.

A member of the Friends of Hazelwood Park, Joylene has worked with Koala Rescue and Fauna Rescue since 2012, when she was first encouraged to join and then later became an independent carer for Hazelwood Park’s koalas.

Twice daily Joylene checks and carefully documents the Hazelwood Park koalas’ movements, habits and health. When in need of care, she works alongside Merridy from Koala Rescue to help the koalas get back to full health. Her dedication to helping them has formed an intimate connection of trust that allows the koalas to feel safe when receiving aid.

Her small colony of Koalas in the park consists of Howie, Katie, Jarvis, Roxanne, and many others that come and go as the heat draws them to water. The colony can get up to nine koalas in the park in the summer!

It was great to meet with Joylene and see her relationship with the Koalas firsthand. I thank her for her service to our community by looking after such precious animals in one of Bragg’s great parks.

Who should I Bragg about next? Let me know ⬇️


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